Founding Fathers Collective: A Signature Experience in Prescott, AZ with Damien Nunez

January 20, 2022
We were privileged to interview Damien Nunez, the barber and creative director of John Hancock Barber Shop in Prescott, AZ.Let’s be honest — this is not your grandpa’s barbershop.
John Hancock is a premier grooming experience enhanced by its uniquely rugged yet indulgent environment tucked inside the Founding Fathers Collective.
The Journey

Formally educated as an artist, Damien’s first love was surrealistic oil painting. He enjoyed creating the original pieces he envisioned, taking inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes he was surrounded by.


But his friend, Grant Quezada, had other ideas and thought Damien would enjoy the same career field he was involved in. Grant was convinced the hair industry could be Damien’s next artistic medium. When Damien tried his hand as a barber, He knew the trajectory of his life was going to change after that first shave and a haircut. He found his calling.



Any head of hair was now a canvas where he could create custom designs that people were happy to display all day, every day. He had never before had the opportunity to get to know his canvas. Becoming a barber provided that experience, and he says that’s his favorite part of the job.


Damien joined a friend’s two-chair barbershop and together, they grew that into a successful ten-chair shop over the next six years. During this time, Grant took a break from the hair industry to serve his country. He joined the Army and was a sniper for the Rangers for eight years, seeing several deployments to Iraq.


They stayed in touch and frequently talked about business opportunities and potential partnerships they could invest in together. When he returned to civilian life, Grant was ready for their next adventure and convinced Damien it was time to do something big.


Damien now had the skills and passion for the industry that they knew they could leverage into something incredible. He uprooted his family from Springfield, MO to the beautiful and historic Prescott, AZ.

The Violin-Making Master

Damien and Grant had a vision for a signature grooming experience for the modern man and founded John Hancock Barber Shop. They set out with the mission to see something special happen in the Prescott community.


They felt there was no standard for good hair and knew they could raise the bar with a premier men’s grooming parlor. John Hancock Barbershop offers modern or traditional haircuts for men accompanied by a classic wet shave using precision cut-throat blades.


Their rugged and masculine space is curated with a mix of classic, mid century furniture, decor, and art, giving their clients a truly immersive experience.


Damien says their team knew they would have to diversify their shop and offer more than just a haircut in order to sustain the growth they had planned and better serve the community. Founding Fathers Collective was born.


Inside the 14,000-square-foot warehouse, you will find not just John Hancock, but six other labels under the Collective’s brand, all designed to elevate the customer experience.


The City Tavern Taproom

Everyone knows a fresh pour is a perfect addition to your classic shave and haircut. The City Tavern Taproom is a unique self-serve taproom, with a tap wall that’s sixty-five beer taps deep. It’s the largest of its kind in the state of Arizona.


Merchant Coffee

If a caffeinated drink is more your speed, Merchant Coffee is the on-site specialty coffee shop. They serve up locally and responsibly sourced coffee in the form of lattes, drips, and a few custom boozy brews.


Liberty Mercantile

Tourists and residents alike will love the unique selection at Liberty Mercantile. This shop is Founding Fathers Collective’s premium goods boutique, offering men’s care products, leather goods, coffees, and apparel.


Founders Gym

Self-advertised as the functional and hassle-free fitness center, Founders Gym offers both personal training and group classes. It also features the specialty service, Mountain Tribe, which is a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu studio.



This might be the most exciting part of the Founding Fathers Collective. Seven-Six is a 1920’s style speakeasy, hidden within the Founding Fathers Collective warehouse. This exclusive club is available to members only. Membership comes with perks that can be used for a haircut, coffee, beer, or gym membership.

The Community

Nestled in the historic and charming downtown Prescott AZ, Damien’s vision for the barbershop and Founding Fathers to be a hub for the community and tourists alike.


Being in the amazing central Arizona terrain, they’re five minutes in any direction from Ponderosa Pine forests and extraordinary hiking trails.


If you venture a bit further, you’re in the middle of a breathtaking desert. This is one of Damien’s favorite spots to be inspired to paint what he sees and create it anew in his own surrealistic style.


Founding Fathers Collective has a mission to present what is the future of Prescott. When locals or visitors enter, they want them to feel and experience the difference. Telling someone about this location simply doesn’t have the same effect.


Seeing it with your own eyes only scratches the surface of the whole experience. It was crucial that the video capture and production of this featurette matched the signature environment they’ve built. We made sure to feature the classic and timeless fixtures and decor, the beautiful artwork and signage tastefully on display, along with the hustle and bustle of this community hub.


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