Private and Customized Health and Fitness Coaching in Orange, CA

January 12, 2022
When you combine completely personalized training, full-body fitness, and balanced nutrition with a welcoming, family-like community, you get Development Fitness!
The Team

Founded by two experienced fitness veterans, Oscar Salas and Floyd Flores, have zeroed in on what people want from their gym: a place that helps them meet their goals but also feels like home.


Oscar Salas was a skilled and multifaceted athlete in high school which kept him fit and ready for when he later joined the Marine Corps. In the armed forces, every day was defined by his fitness regimen: eat, sleep, workout.


While stationed in California, Oscar joined a local gym that was frequented by up and coming bodybuilders. There were regular photoshoots, talk of competitions, and dedicated athletes everywhere. Being new to the bodybuilding world, Oscar’s interest was piqued when an athlete invited him to training.


From that session on, Oscar continued to learn about muscle development, proper diet, and professional competitions. As he watched another professional trainer sculpt his bulky friend into a statuesque god, and knew this was what he wanted to do with his life.


Since Oscar began training friends and athletes in 2005, he hasn’t had any competitor place lower than 3rd in competition. As word spread about Oscar’s success, an opportunity came knocking. He was offered first dibs on a gym that was going up for sale. Enter, Oscar’s business partner, Floyd!


Also a multi-sport athlete, Floyd Flores’s workout regimen turned into a lifelong passion. He dove deep into health and fitness education and then into competitive bodybuilding where he competed in 16 shows.


He now channels his passion into training others by leveraging his nutrition and life coach certifications for each and every athlete. His primary focus is on helping others reach their health and fitness goals, no matter their background or starting place.


Floyd knew they were getting the deal of a lifetime when they were offered buying rights to a successful gym and jumped in with both feet. And so Development Fitness was born!


As the resident development coach, he knew they would need a process, something that set them apart from the impersonal “big box” gyms around the corner. Most people aren’t sure of exactly what they want when they walk into a gym. They know what their goals are, what they want to look and feel like, but they don’t know how to get there.


Floyd is responsible for developing the custom plan for each athlete, keeping them on track to reach their goal. This personalized system is what has caused so many people to fall in love with Development Fitness!

The Method

Oscar and Floyd knew they had to be more than just a place to work out. They didn’t want to offer memberships, or self-guided training that anyone can get sucked into at any fitness center. They are an appointment only, one-on-one or group fitness training center.


Their goal was to be able to help anyone that walked in the door at Development Fitness, be they beginner, intermediate, or professional. A diverse team of trainers are ready to help each athlete meet their goal every day.



Floyd puts together individualized, strategic programs tailored to what the athlete’s goals are, taking them week by week and tracking their progress along the way. Fitness, nutrition, supplements, and even mental focus. When you walk through the door for your appointment, it’s to work with a specific trainer on your specific goals.


At Development Fitness, they train to work out a person’s mentality, their thought process, as well as their physique. They know if you can help someone change the way they think, they would be able to live a different, healthier lifestyle, from the inside out. Moving athletes from the belief that they CAN’T into a confident mindset of “YES, I CAN!” is what really changes lives.



For anyone looking to get in better shape or meet a certain weight goal, they offer completely customized meal plans, created by Floyd himself, to accompany individual program design.

This includes:

For the serious or competition bound athlete, these highly experienced trainers also offer customized options for:

Whatever your health and fitness goals may be, you can find a personalized solution in a friendly environment at Development Fitness.

The Facility

Always clean and feels like home! This is the answer from everyone who makes this gym their own. With every piece of equipment you would ever need ready to go and a team of friendly and qualified trainers to get you started, it’s the place your goals want to be!


Because Development Fitness isn’t a big-box, member-stuffed zoo, there’s no need to battle for parking or wade through a crowd of people only to have to wait for the equipment you need. When it’s time for your appointment, the equipment you need and the trainer to get you through your reps will both be waiting.

The Community

This is the real reward! Development Fitness was built on the principles of crucial accountability,  genuine encouragement, and positive support.


It’s not a big and scary gym only filled with ripped and intimidating professionals. Everyone at Development Fitness is there to get better both mentally and physically, each starting from vastly different places. This gym prides themselves on their “workouts for anyone” atmosphere and this attracts passionate, like-minded people who are eager to join their family.


Are you ready to start your own health and fitness journey? Surround yourself with people who help you become the person you envision in your future. Join the family of trainers who love what they do and get results at Development Fitness!


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