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April 15, 2021
With a genuine love for coffee and connecting with their communities, co-owners Benjamin and James of And Coffee Shop are making a huge splash in the dynamic California coffee shop scene. The story behind And Coffee Shop’s journey to success is an inspiration for both coffee lovers and entrepreneurs everywhere. Let’s dive into what sets And Coffee Shop apart from the crowd…
The Drive Behind And Coffee Shop

And Coffee Shop co-owners and operators Benjamin and James are so much more than just your typical business partnership: they are also real-life brothers! Raised as first-generation immigrants, the brothers experienced first-hand the unstoppable drive of their father’s career as an auto shop body owner for almost 40 years, all the while providing for their family.


Witnessing the power of hardwork and dedication from their father’s success was enough to fire up the passion needed to bring the ideas for And Coffee Shop to life.

The Idea Behind And Coffee: A Family Of Coffee Connoisseurs

Not only were the brother’s born to an immigrant family with a thriving entrepreneurial spirit, but from a very early age they understood the joy that a good cup of joe could bring to their life. From as early as 6 and 7 years old, Benjamin and James recall fond memories of drinking delicious coffee with their grandfather around the porch. They found it at the center of conversation, as a way of connecting and spending quality time with one another.


It is with these memories that started the journey to And Coffee Shop’s success, as it helped in shaping their core belief that coffee is that one thing that ties people together. Benjamin notes that starting a coffee business was a means of being a part of something that he enjoyed while also bringing communities and friends together.

Why The Name “And Coffee” Just Makes Sense

And Coffee Shop stems from the simple idea that coffee can pair well with just about anything, simply plug in an activity, and the chances are it goes well with coffee! Whether it’s conversation and coffee, studying and coffee, working and coffee, or family and coffee, the hand-crafted beverages offered at And Coffee are the perfect companion to have in hand!

The Humble Beginnings Of And Coffee Shop

The humble beginnings of And Coffee Shop started in what many would call an unconventional way. Despite having some initial trouble getting a brick and mortar location up and running, nothing could stop the brothers from spreading their joy of coffee to communities across California.


Instead, they began their coffee shop endeavors with a repurposed truck after happening upon an old three wheel truckster in San Diego. By putting their background in mechanics to work, they managed to restore the rotting old truck into a stunning and retro-inspired portable coffee shop. They sold their coffee right off of the back of the truck at car shows, weddings, and countless events.


Overall, And Coffee’s truck has had a blast serving an impressive range of clientele in its years of operation!

From Repurposed Coffee Truck To A Brick and Mortar Store

And Coffee’s vision truly started to fall into place with the help of their friend Jason’s business, Churro Bar. Despite the fun of And Coffee’s mobile coffee shop pursuits, the brothers knew that a brick and mortar store was where their passions lied the most. Jason proposed a partnership with his brick and mortar churro business, which started with the two presenting each other’s products. The brothers highlight that everyone in the shop began trying and raving about their coffee, making the partnership a done deal.


In the end, Churro Bar reserved the entire front space of their restaurant for And Coffee, with full creative freedom for the brothers to craft the coffee shop of their dreams! What began with a simple drawing of the space turned into a hands-on building project that took their design ideas to the next level.

What Does Coffee Mean To And Coffee Shop?

Benjamin and James understand how a delicious mug of coffee is so much more than what meets the eye. It is artistry, enjoyment, and a fuel for creative conversation. They highlight that when the stressors of traffic, work, or exhaustion creep in throughout the day, a simple coffee beverage has the potential to turn the day around for the better. Additionally, they love the ways that conversations about art, literature, and music are facilitated with the help of their coffee’s stimulation.

Quality Ingredients Above All Else
Whether it’s a latte, cappuccino, or specialty drink, And Coffee Shop knows what they’re doing when it comes to their ingredients. Benjamin and James prioritize high-quality beans and milk, organic products, and making much of their beverage ingredients completely in house. The freshness of their flavors is an essential part of what makes And Coffee Shop stand out and consistently keeps customers coming back for more.
The Success Of And Coffee Lies In Connection

Benjamin and James are well-aware that the success of their coffee shop is, and always will be, in their connection with the people and communities that they serve. In the same way that the brothers relished sitting with their grandfather over coffee, they’ve gained so much fulfillment out of conversing with customers as well. Here at And Coffee, the customers can always expect to be treated like family, and the brothers cannot wait to see their family of customers continue to grow.

And Coffee Is Here To Stay

And Coffee Shop is here to stay and expand, and for good reason! Throughout the entirety of their process opening and operating the shop, it is clear that Benjamin and James have delivered on their mission of bringing people together by a landslide. Their incredible beverages, innate passion for coffee, and unmatched customer service and drive makes them a coffee shop to be remembered and enjoyed for years to come.


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