Escape the Hustle and Bustle At Moca Ranch in Prescott Valley

December 11, 2021
If you and your family are looking for a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the magic of Moca Ranch might just be the perfect place for you. Built on 10 acres of land and home to the friendly Moca family, Moca Ranch offers a large and tranquil location for any family vacation or event you might need!

Meet The Family That Started Moca Ranch, Prescott Valley’s Diamond in the Rough

Moca Ranch is owned and operated by Diana and Valentino Moca, a married couple with two young children. After using Moca Ranch as a family event center to host private social and family events for over four years, they decided to take the next step and make this expansive property their permanent home. The Moca family continues to live on the ranch and offer it as an event space for guests.
What Inspired The Moca Family To Start Their Life On Moca Ranch?

After years of experience buying and selling properties in the real estate world, Valentino Moca stumbled upon the Moca Ranch property after his father recommended looking at properties in Prescott. After Valentino and Diana made the trip up to Prescott Valley for the first time, the couple immediately fell in love with the first property they saw.


This property happened to be the site of the future Moca Ranch. In fact, they loved this “diamond-in-the-rough” location so much that they wrote up an offer to purchase the property the next day. Soon after, the Moca family moved to the area and now calls Prescott Valley home.

Setting Down Permanent Roots in the Stunning Prescott Valley

With its relaxed and small-town atmosphere, the Arizona town of Prescott Valley offers a laid-back retreat that was one of the key motivations for the Moca family to move to the ranch. According to the couple, there is no other place that they have felt as connected to their neighbors and community than Prescott Valley. Despite its small size, there’s  always something to do all year long in its charming downtown streets, including nightlife at Bucky’s Casino, Fain Park, and the Phippen Museum.

Sharing The Beauty of Moca Ranch With The World
After residing in the Moca Ranch full time and setting down more permanent roots in the area, the Moca family made the decision to open the space to outside guests. They made this decision to give others an opportunity to experience a taste of the fresh food and ranch lifestyle that they grew to love. The Moca Ranch property is bursting with life and beauty, so it was only natural for the family to share this enchanting place with others.
What Are The Features of the Moca Ranch Property?

The 10 acres that make up Moca Ranch are dotted with beautiful natural landscapes and convenient amenities for an unforgettable experience. These features include an outdoor pool, expansive natural pond, chapel-turned-multipurpose room and home theater, and game areas with pool and ping-pong tables. Guests are also privy to a barn transformed into a gym and conference room, additional cabins for rental, and acres of greenery and trees to explore. The location can serve 40 to 50 guests at one time, making it ideal for large family events.


Another unique aspect of the Moca Ranch experience is the farm animals that reside on the property with the family. These animals have become a natural part of the Moca family and are treated with only the best of care, complete with top-quality food. These adorable animals include dozens of chickens, a herd of friendly goats, and a herd of rescued alpacas. Along with seeing the animals, guests have the chance to feed these animals during their stay.

The Convenient Central Location of Prescott Valley

While guests can stay more than busy with the gorgeous amenities and landscapes of the Moca Ranch property, they also have countless opportunities to explore areas close to the ranch and take in some of the wonders of the state. Picture early-morning paddleboarding on Watson Lake or strolls up and down the shops and restaurants of Historic Downtown Prescott. Outdoor adventurers can take in breathtaking views of the surrounding national forest, sunsets, mountains, hills, and lakes from hundreds of miles of hiking trails.


With its central location, Prescott Valley is an excellent base camp for exploring the attractions in Arizona. Guests can take road trips to see other beautiful Arizona cities like Sedona, Flagstaff, and Jerome to see attractions like Red Rock State Park, the Wupatki National Monument, and the Jerome Mine Museum. It’s also close to the Grand Canyon, a must-see destination on any trip to Arizona.

Hosting Guests At Moca Ranch For All Kinds of Occasions

Along with the Moca family’s home at the center of the property, the family has opened the ranch for guests with six additional units for rental. This gives guests the opportunity to soak up the beauty and serenity of the ranch for family reunions, work retreats, weddings, and other events. Whatever the type of event that guests are planning, the Moca family can accommodate them and provide the best spots for a memorable experience.


In addition to their beautiful interior design, each of the ranch’s units is designed with both comfort and practicality in mind. Guests will have access to television, wifi, fully stocked kitchens with appliances, pools, and other amenities for a home away from home. Rentals are pet friendly, so guests can bring the family pet along for fun on the ranch.

Embark On Your Natural Living Experience at the Moca Ranch Today

With its amenities, picturesque landscapes, and expansive event space, the Moca Ranch is the ideal destination for your next family event. Diana and Valentino cannot wait to welcome you and your family into their little slice of heaven. To experience all that this family-friendly and welcoming place has to offer for yourself, book your event at the Moca Ranch today!


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