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Blazing A New Trail

Every once in a while, an exceptional creature is brought into this world – and they change everything. They look at things differently. They create new things. They inspire everyone they meet. They make a difference. Their impact abounds.

We’re Here To Amplify That Impact.

World Trailblazers is a journalistic story-telling platform designed to amplify the impact of our generation’s artistic, entrepreneurial, and philanthropic pioneers. These are the trailblazers of our time.

We think of Osvaldo and Priscilla of Charlie James Artisan, an ethically produced jewelry brand rooted in South Western US culture. Being extremely conscientious creators, they strive to operate as naturally as possible. This enabled them to grow their business during the pandemic by loyally sourcing local products and serving their local community. 

Every piece of jewelry they create is an intricately crafted work of art. A masterpiece clearly infused with the story of their lives and their heritage. Delicate feathers, majestic mountains, adorable cacti, stately sunflowers, and rugged horseshoes are just some of the details that make an appearance in their designs. 

We also think of James Tatum at Aldine Books, a local brick-and-mortar bookstore thriving in a digital age. There’s nothing quite like cracking open a hardback book for the first time and hearing the spine pop as the pages flay open. That experience is completely lost in a world where digital consumption is king. 

Aldine Books has been a staple in its community for more than 30 years and has stayed the course as many major bookstores and other local shops shuttered their windows and locked their doors over the last decade. But Aldine Books shows no signs of stopping. 

While James’ primary revenue comes from online orders, he is committed to serving that irreplaceable individual service and book shopping experience that only a local shop can provide.

Then there’s Dominique Ilies, the young musician artist making a splash in the pop and R&B scene at the tender age of 14 years old. Born into a family whose heritage was rich in musical roots, his talents soared under the guidance of Music Vault Academy, a musical school and studio founded by his father, Claudiu Ilie. 

Dominique is a true artist speaking with authenticity and positivity in his music. He’s landed covers with Artenzza, media interviews, and even a few on-screen roles. With over 800,000 streams of his songs on Spotify and several millions of views on YouTube, Dominique is clearly changing the landscape of the musical artistry.

Telling stories like these sparks a renewed inspiration in our own craft as we give life and movement to their story through high-quality, story-driven video production.

We Hope You Enjoy Their Stories.

Why Story-Driven Narratives?

World Trailblazers is a journalistic story-telling platform designed to amplify the impact of our generation’s artistic, entrepreneurial, and philanthropic pioneers. These are the trailblazers of our time.

Today, information is readily available at the touch of a button or a tap of the thumb. But is it all valuable? Inspiring? Worthy? Does it propel action and advance a greater understanding? While much information does, we would argue that most do not.

We want to change that. 

We want to spread positive light by sharing inspiring stories of those who are passionate about their craft, their cause, or their community.

Storytelling For Brands

People don’t connect with products and companies. They connect with stories and memories. 

Telling the story of a brand, its mission, and how it’s making an impact on its market brings them to life in a new way. No longer are they cold and distant entities but living organisms with whom consumers can establish a kinship.

Brands like “& Coffee Shop” and Fullerton Bikes are small, family companies most people have never heard of. And yet, they’re quietly growing their business while making a compelling difference in their communities.

Telling the stories of world-trailblazing brands allows us to amplify that brand’s ability to expand its impact and leave a positive mark on the world.

Storytelling For People

Everyone’s life is a story and people are remembered for many things. Most often it’s celebrities, politicians, and billionaires who are remembered for what they accomplish, how they accomplish it, and who they helped along the way. 

But too often, the stories of everyday people doing extraordinary things are buried in the mess and fuss of information overload and negative media. 

We want to find and amplify the voices of people everywhere making their mark in their community or profession. The world needs their stories. 

Storytelling For Causes

Though our world is beautiful and dynamic, in many ways, it is also broken. Broken people and places need advocates and ambassadors to further their cause and change the story. 

Kornit Fashion Week is a cause near to our hearts. It’s an entire week in Los Angeles dedicated to bringing sustainable fashion technology and talent diversity to the center stage.

Are You Blazing A New Trail?

We’re always on the lookout for new and growing brands, passionate community members, and cause-driven advocates who are eager to share their stories and amplify their impact. 

Is that you? If so, you’re in the right place!

We want to tell your story and shine your light far and wide in the world. We want to help you motivate others, educate the public, and give direction to up-and-coming artists, entrepreneurs, and business owners.

To uplift what is positive. 

To encourage those who would come next.

To make the world a better place.

If you have a great or inspiring story to tell, reach out to our team for the chance to be featured on our platform. Contact World Trailblazers >>