Newhall Dental Arts: A Practice You Can Trust

August 2, 2021
There is a reason why Newhall Dental Arts makes a name for itself as one of the most premier dental offices in the Southern California community: Dr. Kasra Tajik and his entire dental team always put their client’s needs first and foremost. Read on to learn more about Kasra’s exciting journey into the world of dentistry and how Newhall Dental Arts helps patients achieve the smile that they have always deserved.
From Iran To America: Meet Dr. Kasra Tajik Of Newhall Dental Arts
Dr. Kasra Tajik has been providing unmatched dental care and services ever since obtaining his dental education at the University of Southern California’s dental school. Originally from Iran, Kasra and his family immigrated to the United States with the hopes of pursuing a better life with greater opportunities, both of which Kasra has accomplished in his 25 years studying and working in the country.
Kasra’s Decision To Pursue Dentistry: Combining Multiple Passions

Before becoming a dentist, Kasra came from a unique educational background in both the engineering and business fields. In fact, Kasra’s decision to pursue dentistry began while pursuing his master’s degree in business administration from the University of California Los Angeles.


Kasra remarks that it was in those years in business school that he realized he wanted to run his own business. Later on, he decided to become a dentist due to the ways that it allowed his passions and goals to come together in one career. It is with dentistry that Kasra is able to combine his love of biology, interactions with people, and the innate desire to create a business of his own by operating a practice.

The Journey Of Taking Over Newhall Dental Arts

Taking over Newhall Dental Arts was a great fit for Kasra’s interests and dental philosophy.


After a few years working at different practices after his dental school and training, Kasra connected with fellow USC dental grad Dr. Fine, the previous owner of Newhall Dental Arts. With the shared value of providing excellent dentistry at a good value, Dr. Fine and Kasra’s partnership was truly a no-brainer.


After serving as Dr. Fine’s associate for a year, Kasra got to know the practice’s patients well and was offered to buy the practice shortly after. Due to the great neighborhood and welcoming community of clients, Kasra was confident that Newhall Dental Arts was the perfect match for him, and began his transition of purchasing the practice. From then on, Kasra has only continued to shape and improve Newhall to best serve his patients.

Kasra’s Background In Biomedical Engineering Offers Him A Unique Lens
Kasra’s educational background allows him to run his Newhall Dental Arts from a unique perspective. With the help of his undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering, Kasra is able to approach his work from both a biology and technology lens. He notes that he uses his biology background in his client’s nurturing and healing process, while also combining his appreciation for new technologies to constantly improve on his dental techniques and patient care.
The Importance Of Viewing Patients As People
Viewing patients as more than just a set of teeth is an important part of Kasra’s work at Newhall Dental Arts. He highlights that as a dentist, it can be very easy to focus solely on providing solutions for his patient’s teeth and sometimes forget that an entire person is attached to the mouth. For this reason, he always strives to take a step back to look at the journey, history, and background of each of his unique patients. This allows him to create a dental solution that better addresses their specific needs.
Newhall’s Company Culture: Patients Always Come First
Kasra believes that one of the key elements of running a successful company is creating an incredible culture, a principle that he has continued to cultivate during his time owning Newhall Dental Arts. Kasra emphasizes that his philosophy at Newhall is providing individualized care that consistently puts his patients first. For this reason, he hires and extensively trains only the best dental staff to ensure that this philosophy is believed and implemented by the entire office.
What Can Clients Expect At Newhall Dental Arts?
Kasra and the rest of the team at Newhall Dental Arts pride themselves on providing excellent dental care that makes each of their patients feel special. Throughout the steps of interacting with the front desk staff, meeting the hygienist, and consulting with the dentists, Kasra hopes that all of his patients feel taken care of during the entirety of their dental visit.

Dr. Kasra Tajik

Kasra’s Process Makes Dental Care Approachable For All
There is no question that dentistry can be very scary and challenging for individuals to approach, as many come into the dental office with a lot of pain, while others have hesitations towards discussing uncomfortable topics. Kasra believes that the process of providing excellent care starts with asking the right questions to his clients. By finding out exactly what brought them into the office, he is better able to tailor a solution and treatment plan that solves their concerns.
Kasra Stays At The Cutting Edge of New Dental Technology
An important facet of running Newhall Dental Arts is constantly keeping the practice at the cutting edge of new dental techniques and technologies. Kasra highlights his immense gratitude for beginning his dental career at such a pivotal time of dental technology advancements. He is driven to revolutionize his dental practice by implementing a completely digital workflow with a variety of innovative scanning and imaging technologies.
Newhall Dental Arts Is Here To Stay

With all of the passion, expertise, and compassion exuding from Dr. Tajik and the rest of his team, it is clear that Newhall Dental Arts is a practice you can trust for any and all dental needs. The Newhall team is excited for new clients to join their welcoming family, and is ready to help you improve your dental health for years to come!


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